Esencia Life Coaching & Counseling


Essence (Esencia) as its name describes it, is the internal quality and the set of characteristics that determines the character. The essence represents the most important thing, the natural extract of who you are as a person.
During the session, you will find your essence back again by healing, self-freedom, and self-direction to reach personal and professional goals.

The Essence (Esencia) program is the combination of several elements that are used as a set:

  • Positive Psychotherapy: works with emotions and behavior patterns. It is the discovery and discernment that goes beyond the pain and suffering of the internal healing process.
  • Christian Counseling: is the therapy that concentrates on interweaving the disciplines of faith and psychology to provide a focus on mental and emotional health that derives from Biblical teachings.
  • Life Coaching: It is the professional process that addresses specific personal projects,  general conditions, and transitions in your personal life and relationships. It is the discovering of what the obstacles or challenges are. It is the action orientation to reach new goals, achievements, and purpose in life.

Myriam Rosas is a direction driven certified coach and counselor with high ethical and organizational skills, who will help you to find your potential, reach your personal goals, spiritual growth, and take you to the next level.

Specialized in:

  • Self-Esteem, Self-worth, and confidence
  • Self-Identity
  • Living Your Purpose
  • Connection Parenting
  • Career Change
  • Improving Health & Relations
  • Emotional Stability
  • Personal Healing
  • Personal Growth
  • Life Balance
  • Financial Guidance


These are some of the many testimonies that people share when they conclude with the “Essence Program” during therapy on their completion final report.

By confidentiality the names can not be exposed.

“It helped me to heal wounds that were preventing me from growth. Now, I  have an understanding mentally and emotionally that a have a better future of what I had in mind. I overcame feelings of guilt to situations and problems that did not belong to me. It helped me to have a better relationship with my family.”   March, 2019

“I found roots to my inner problems. I can express myself more clearly. My behavior changed, I think and act differently. I healed my emotions, NO MORE PAIN! I feel secure. I found myself, I love myself. I overcame communication issues at home.”  February, 2019

“It helped me come to a conclusion with myself and my family. I noticed a change for better. I learned to cooperate with my mother and myself. I overcame and achieved bad moments in life. I learned to build my future.” January, 2019

“I learned to COPE/handle my emotions properly in faith. I was able to let things go. Now, I think positive and I feel whole again.”    October, 2018