Do not compare yourself

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Do you know when a person suffers from envy?

When you feel anger at the moment that others are doing well, they look good, and they are fine.

Envy is a symptom of personal dissatisfaction and self-sabotage rage.

Rage for wanting something that you do not have, and that you probably cannot have.

However, the root of envy causes the need to be comparing. The person who is constantly comparing himself with other people suffers from lack of identity.

The personal cadence wants to fill it with different pieces of different people who envy.

You repeat: “I would like to be like her”, “Have that body”, “Have that talent”, “I would like to have the husband she has”, “The children she has”, “To have the house she has”, “To have the friends that she has.”

Yes, but you are not her!

Nobody can be like you; and you cannot be like anyone.

You are you!

Each person has different qualities and aptitudes for which they were created.

Each person has unique and irreplaceable footprints.

If this information is understood,

Why will you still envy?

Why do you want the achievements and dreams of others?

Why do you walk, talk, and even pose, with the same profile and smile like that person you cannot stand or see?

Could it be that what bothers you, reflects your own?

Perhaps it is that if you behave and dress like the other people just then you will feel loved and accepted, and will you be seen?

The most common saying: “If she could, then I can too”,”If she did it, I can do it better.”

What more erroneous thoughts; A person cannot inspire you to be yourself based on comparisons.

A person who really inspires you can only create in you to look for your own, not for others.

However, envy does not insist on inspiration, but provokes comparison.

The limits that life presents are not the cause of personal defeat.

Life always grants an opportunity to undertake and improve.

More of an attitude of comparison will never allow to see what is in, because the person is very busy seeing what other people do and do not do.

The person who is compared finds himself in permanent dissatisfaction because he will always find someone better than him or her.

Stop comparing yourself and stop comparing others.

Live your own dreams because you cannot live or enjoy other people’s dreams. Why? Because they are NOT yours.

Be yourself and do not settle for being someone’s copy.

If you suffer from this disease seek professional help.

if it is impossible for you to be happy with the achievements of others, mainly those who are close to you. Then it is a personal matter that has to be treated, which gives a more reason to find  help.

Dissatisfaction is a silent mutilator.

“Envy is the tribute that mediocrity gives to talent” Jackson Brown.

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